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Nutrition requirement calculator

This tool allows obtaining the basal metabolic rate (BMR) and total energy expenditure (TEE) quickly and accurately, determining growth factors, stress, thermal effect of food and physical activity in a single minute, in order to to use meal plans according to nutritional needs and promote weight control. The equations are based on Schofield for boys and girls Harris and Benedict for adults.

table_view NADB

Nutritional adequacy database

The most complete and up-to-date food composition database, which allows you to select the portion to offer and the nutrients to include according to need, to obtain at the end in an agile and practical way a summation of the nutritional contributions that can be counteracted with the requirements and thus guarantee a sufficient and balanced diet. It is an excellent tool for preparing meal plans and minutes as it also has food groups and meal times classification.

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Patient monitoring

he monitoring of the nutritional status is a fundamental step for the orientation and reformulation of the nutritional objectives throughout the nutritional care process, preserving the information and trajectory of each patient allows to optimize the consultation time, which is why it is available here of the most complete tool for nutritional monitoring, allowing you to consult previous information and record new monitoring data in just one click and with the possibility of accessing from your cell phone.

calculate BMI calculator

Body Mass Index Calculator

The BMI calculator that will allow you to quickly know its value, classification, ideal weight and standard deviation in the case of boys and girls from 5 to 18 years old with the validated standards of the World Health Organization (WHO).

school Refresher courses

Academy specialized in nutrition

With the aim of promoting continuing education, Kosante brings certified refresher courses in each of the most relevant nutritional aspects such as public nutrition, food services and clinical practice, among others, in a pedagogical and practical way that can be developed in individually and at your own pace.

health_and_safety Telemedicine

Advice by nutrition professionals

Seeking to serve through specialized knowledge, nutrition professionals will have a platform to give advice and solve the doubts of the general population in a truthful, timely and safe manner.

history_edu Documentation

Validated articles

In order to promote the updating of information, a space is established for the publication of scientific articles based on evidence, which in a practical way promote quality health care under current regulations and clinical practice guidelines.

Nutrition news


Is it possible to perform a pancreas transplant?

For a long time I wondered why pancreas transplantation was not more widespread as a therapy for the cure of diabetes, if it is clear that the problem lies in the fact that the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or cannot use it correctly, I always thought that replacing the organ Through a transplant would be one of the most direct ways out, however after speaking with an expert nutritionist (Dr. Jennyfer Jacome) I understood the series of implications that make a pancreas transplant a somewhat complicated way out to cure diabetes.